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A selection of recent and past projects

National Geographic

Fixer & Field producer for National Geographic's story on "Transgender community celebrating their historic inclusion" in the ArdhKumbh Mela 2019 

Fixer & Field producer for National Geographic's "Sea to Source: Ganges" river expediton. Followed the female-led team of international scientists for a month in 2019

Fixer & Field producer for National Geographic's story "Nearly a Billion People Still Defecate Outdoors" as a part of their project on the global problem of open defecation in 2017

Fixer & Field producer on "Drowning World" project for National Geographic in Assam in 2015

The New York Times

Fixer/Field producer for The New York Times' story on "India's Ominous Future: Too Little Water, or Far Too Much" in 2019

Fixer/Field producer for The New York Times' story "A Village in India Where Clean Living Became a Tourist Attraction" in 2018

Fixer/Field producer & Contributing Reporter for The New York Times' story "Desperate for Slumber in Delhi, Homeless Encounter a Sleep Mafia" in 2016

Fixer/Field producer for The New York Times' story "In India, a Small Band of Women Risk It All for a Chance to Work" in 2016

Fixer/Field producer for The New York Times' story "Coal Rush in India Could Tip Balance on Climate Change" in 2014 

Fixer/Field producer for The New York Times' story "Hopes of a Generation Ride on Indian Vote" in 2014


Fixer & Field producer for VICE on HBO's " Why India's Middle Class Loves Prime Minister Modi" in 2019

Al Jazeera English

Fixer & Local Producer for Earthrise's (Al Jazeera's award-winning environmental show) episode "Eco-cremation in India: A climate-friendly death" in 2018

Fixer & Local Producer for People & Power's (Al Jazeera's weekly investigative documentary programme that looks at the use and abuse of power) episode "Delhi's Deadly Air" in 2019

Channel 4

Fixer & Location Producer for Unreported World's (Channel 4's award winning documentary series) episode "India's Love Cheat Detectives" in 2018 

NBC News

Producer and Cinematographer for NBC News on the story about "Menstruation shaming in India means an education crisis for girls" in 2018

NPR (National Public Radio)

Fixer & Field producer for NPR's report on “India Struggles To Develop Without Furthering Carbon Footprint” as a part of their Special Series  on Climate Change in India in 2016


Fixer, Researcher and Casting Agent for ESPN E:60's Outstanding Sports Journalism Emmy Award Winner: "The Children of Bhopal" in 2010


SKINDIGENOUS (American Public Television)

Fixer & Field producer for SKINDIGENOUS’ (under American Public Television as its distributor) story on “Skindigenous 2 | INDIA ” in 2019 

Presenter for SKINDIGENOUS’ (under American Public Television as its distributor) story on “Skindigenous mini documentary | INDIA 2” in 2019  

Dagens Nyheter

Fixer and Researcher for Dagens Nyheter's news report about "Meet the children in the world's most polluted city" in 2017

Fixer and Local Producer for Dagens Nyheter's news report about "Mass deaths of neglected beggars in a gathering camp in Bangalore" in 2010


Fixer and Researcher for Expressen's news report about "The Red Brigade and their fight to take back the streets of India." A reportage on several gruesome rapes & sexual assaults on women. Reported in 2014

Fixer and Researcher for Expressen's news report about "8-year-old's task: To look for metal among poisons." A reportage on the electronic garbage dump in Moradabad and plight of children there. Reported in 2012 

Channel Italia 1 (Mediaset Network)

Fixer and Investigator for Channel Italia 1's (Mediaset Network) show Le Iene about "India and mica, the mining children who work for our beauty" in 2018 

ProSieben Maxx

Fixer, Co-Host and Local producer for ProSieben Maxx's reportage on "Dharavi, a slum with an annual production of over 700 million US dollars" in 2016


Fixer & Field producer for L'Espresso’s (an Italian weekly news magazine) story on “Sink into the hell of coal in India” in 2019

GEO magazine

Fixer & Field producer for GEO magazine’s story on “India from west to east aboard the Kolkata Mail: from Varanasi to Calcutta” in 2018

WIRED Magazine

Fixer/Field Producer for WIRED magazine's news report about "India’s Illegal, Bloody Sand Mining Industry" in 2015

TIME Magazine

Fixer/Field producer for TIME's reportage on "India’s Elections: Snapshots From the World’s Biggest Vote" in 2014

Fixer and Host for TIME's reportage on "Dharavi, The Real Slum of Slumdog Millionaire" in 2009,32068,13419832001_1880252,00.html 

Stern Magazine

Fixer/Field producer/Photographer for Stern’s story on “No life before death” in 2015

Nido Magazine

Fixer & Field producer for Nido magazine’s story on “Child sexual abuse in India” in 2013  

NEON (Stern) Magazine

Fixer & Field producer for NEON’s story on “Poor Swallowers” about the illegal clinical trials in a hospital of Bhopal in 2011 

The Sydney Morning Herald

Fixer & Field producer for The Sydney Morning Herald’s story on “Bollywood Brett” in 2013 

Los Angeles Times

Fixer/Field producer for Los Angeles Times’ story on “In northeast India coal towns, many miners are children” in 2011 

The Mercury News

Fixer & Field producer for The Mercury News’ story on “India’s left behind: Millions in Mumbai still live in desperate poverty ” in 2008 


Fixer, Host and Local producer for Google's Local Guide segment, "Delhi’s Amazing Outdoor Markets - Shop Like a Local" in 2017


Fixer/Field producer for Nikon Corporation’s story on "Nikon KeyMission 360: Martin - I AM INSIDE THE MOMENT in full 360°" in 2016 

Yamaha Motor 

Producer for Yamaha Motor's coverage on “Delhi Auto Expo” in 2014

Médecins Sans Frontières

Producer and Cinematographer for Médecins Sans Frontières’s hepatitis C project in Uttar Pradesh: "One year, 1,198 patients" in 2018 

Global Witness

Producer and Photographer for Global Witness's report "Defenders of the Earth" in 2016


Photographer for WaterAid's reportage on "Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) that killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000" in 2015

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